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Emerging as a graffiti writer in South Africa around 2001,  Scabbage has been painting murals professionally since 2004 after settling in the UK, Showcasing his personal works but also working closely with communities to create custom artworks for schools, councils, youth organizations and music venues. Though he specializes in aerosol painting, he has ventured into various other mediums, including Film, Music, Digital Illustration, photography, Animation and Tattoo. Working as a freelance illustrator, he has done various album cover artworks for artists such as Break-core legend, Autonon - Kaometry Records and High Focus rapper Jam Baxter. He is also a self-published graphic novelist, creating the cult novel Jonny Cockhands with comedy poet, Captain Grimace. His drawings are translated equally well to skin and he currently works part time at one of London's finest tattoo studios, Extreme Needle, Leicester Square. His recent endeavors into the world of Horrocore Rap music with his talented brother from Chat Bad records is by far the most entertaining of all his works, combining gory horror with heavy rap beats and bizarre theatrical shows. There is something for everyone in Scabbage’s work, should you keep an open mind.

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